The Coup that ousted Yanukovych on 2/22

"Yanukovych served as Ukraine's president from 2010 until February 22, 2014" THE NUMBER 2/22 AGAIN SHOWS THE WORK OF THE HIDDEN HAND Casualties Deaths: 100[25] Missing: 166[26] Injured: 1,100+[27][28] Arrested: 77[29] Deaths: 13[30] Injured: 272[28] Captured: 67[31] Deaths: 113 Injuries: 1,811 Wikipedia Between Feb 18 and 23 thousands of demonstrators took to the streets to... Continue Reading →

QLD Floods Jan 11, 2011

The numbers around the 2011 floods are suspicious and point to an engineered weather event or at the very least deliberately making the situation worse by opening the dam sluice gates.Why? To blame Climate Change in order to pass Orwellian measures upon this nation. CIA run wikipedia page Flooding began to affect low-lying areas of Brisbane on... Continue Reading →

Pentagon sends troops to border

According to RT - The additional forces are said to be deployed for 90 days, yet a “mobile surveillance capability” will be provided until the end of September, according to the Pentagon. The forces are set to construct new barriers at the border, namely some 150 miles (241km) of barbed wire. The deployment was approved... Continue Reading →

Watch date 2/2

Brisbane airport was in lock-down tonight at 9pm by the AFP. As today is a favourite signature number, I am watching to see how this story pans out. No doubt it will be some terror group created by the CIA in order to keep the war on terror going. A man with a knife and... Continue Reading →

Watch dates in February

On January 22nd we saw the American coup against Pres. Maduro in Venezuela begin. This regime change by the American administration only proves that Trump is no different than his predecessors. All--both Republican and Democrats are on the same team. Both sides of the political spectrum are devoted to one goal. A New World Order.... Continue Reading →

Drought in Australia not natural

Weather warfare is being waged against Australians. Remember the ENMOD convention banned all hostile and military use of environmental modification techniques. Such techniques cause drought, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, and even earthquakes! The facts are that these weapons are a reality....this is what they can do... It is the understanding of the Committee that the... Continue Reading →

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